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Dear Friend in Christ,

I want to introduce the real lives of poor Indian pastors who are working in rural areas. In my observation i found their monthly income is less than $25 and worshipping in huts covered with tree leaves.

They are unable to provide basic education to their children. Indian government is canceling all the financial aid to Christian students to discourage religion conversions from Hindu religion. They are facing lot of discrimination in the society because of their religion and financial condition. Pastors children are in poverty because of their parents income and they are not willing to continue their parents work.

If god motivate you to share your love and care in their grief and pain. You are the person to open new doors to reconstruct the broken hearts.

Your Contribution to His service

I encourage you to help atleast one pastor by supporting atleast $25 a month or donate on joyful ocassions like christmas, Eastor or on your birthdays. when you supporting one pastor it means the whole congregation is Praying for you. It is a great blessing when the whole congregation is lifting you & your family in their prayers.

Rural Pastors

The Pastors who spend their lives in preaching Gospel in Rural Areas, which do not have the infrastucture like we have in our cities. So, its pretty hard to cope up with the situations (Weather, Natural Calamities, Food Supplies etc) its also not so easy to Preach in tribal or Rural Areas.

Who am I

I am an Indian immigrant working in New York city as senior software engineer. When i visited india in August 2008 God put a thought in my mind to introduce all those un reached Rural Pastors to the world through a web site.

How it Works

Gods people are sending donations to India but only very few percentage is reaching the usual areas. Through this web site you can directly send donations to pastors and there will be no mediators to claim office expenses.

How you can help them through this web site ?

You will have a chance to examine the Profiles of the Rural Pastors who are with us. All you have to do is to go through the profiles of them and if you feel like helping the individual then click on the Donate Button.

It is an easy way to help your money go to the right hands for the right cause. Even you can go and visit the wanted Pastor to know more about him.


Ways You Can Help Your Pastor

Pray for him:

It's said that the family that prays together stays together. The same can be said for churches. Pray for God's blessing and health. Pray that both the churches financial needs and the pastors personal financial needs are met. Pray that the unction and the anointing will rest upon him not only during service times but also as a confirming witness through out his work day. Failing to pray for your pastor may lead to his downfall and the death of your local congregation!

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